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Why no tipping?

I don't know about you, but I am TIPPED OUT! It seems like everywhere you go (and even places you don't!) and no matter how much or how little service you receive, you are asked to tip. I personally think other countries have the right idea.

So many people have to research which wedding vendors you are supposed to tip vs not, and I'm guessing that is exhausting as well. Is it a service? Do they own the business or are they contracted out? How much of the pay do they actually get vs the company? There is too much to think about and it should be simple. Charge what is needed to make sure everyone gets paid appropriately. There is no need to ask for extra from someone that is already paying for a service.

Take the guess work out of it!

With all of that being said, at Classic Photography Makeup LLC, no matter what product or service you receive, no tip is expected or accepted. My fees are formulated to make sure everything is covered and I want to take the pressure completely away by not accepting tips.

Honestly, the biggest thank you I can receive is a great review! Either online or telling your friends about the experience helps me reach more amazing people like yourself.

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