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Essential Wedding Makeup Trial Tips Every Bride Should Know

Real talk, you NEED a wedding makeup trial! By this point, hopefully you did your research and found an artist that suites you, but this is your chance to see how well you work together. Trials are for trying different things and coming up with a game plan for the wedding day, so you can just relax in the chair when the time comes. After you sit with the makeup for the day, you may even change your mind on a few things. Maybe you don't want a little more glam after all. You would be surprised at how many clients sit down with one intention, then by the end of the appointment want something totally different.

soft glam makeup look

Come with clean, dry skin. Prep with your usual skincare if your artist prefers.

Bring inspiration photos to the trial.

More than just bringing a photo of makeup you like, please look at it ahead of time and know specifically what you do and don't like about the photo. Keep in mind these photos are usually heavily edited and SKIN HAS TEXTURE. Also, look for photos of people that have similar skin tones, face shapes, and eye shapes to you. Please don't sit down and simply say, "Smokey eye." because that means a whole range of things. Bonus points if you bring an inspiration photo from the artist's profile.

Wear white.

Self explanatory, right?

Talk to your artist about your wedding photographer's style.

Light and airy photographs/edits soooo differently than dark and moody. A good makeup artist will have some basic knowledge of how to adjust for the multitude of photography styles.

Don't be shy. Talk to your artist! Yes, this is much harder for some personality types, but PLEASE talk to us! If something doesn't feel right, although we can usually sense it, we don't know what you are seeing unless you say something. Makeup trial is the time to make those adjustments. If you are truly someone that can't speak up for themselves in person, write an email after the fact with the specifics. Most artists just want their client to be happy, so we appreciate the feedback to make that happen.

Take selfies in different lighting.

It is important to look at your trial makeup in different lighting. Window light, makeup light, overhead flourescent lights. Also go outside. Direct sunlight, shade, and in the car (those are the best, right?!). Don't forget flash! Take selfies in as many different lighting senarios as possible on the trial day to see what you may want to change for the wedding day. Direct daylight sun will wash out the makeup quite a bit, so you may want more than you think.

This makeup is ONLY different lighting with no changes to the actual makeup!!

Again, give your artist feedback!

Most will ask for it, but please let us know how the makeup wore throughout the day or if you want something less dewy etc. so we make adjustments. This bride did everything right. We looked at the makeup in different lighting before she left and she even sent me a photo of her at the end of the day during "golden hour" lighting. Swoon!

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