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What We Do

From start to finish, we pamper you until you look and feel your best. Lash extensions and custom makeup application create the base for beautiful photos that will have you feeling like yourself again. 

Having a makeup artist that knows how to translate your look to photography and editing styles really sets your final photos above the rest. 
We now offer permanent jewelry as well! 

It's your turn

Beauty photography 
with a flare for fashion. 

Ready to slay in every frame? Our magical touch of airbrush makeup & natural editing will make heads turn in your classic beauty photo shoot.

fashion beauty photography

Limited Time Only

Get Bridal Makeup Trial Free

When scheduled with beauty or boudoir session.

Tired of looking 'meh' in photos? Say goodbye to average and hello to

Airbrushed perfection + natural edits = breathtaking results! 💋"

A Premier Full Glam Experience


Pamper Mom
with a beauty

photo of woman before beauty photos


At our photography studio, we offer boudoir photo sessions that allow you to express your sensual side in a tasteful way. Our sessions are completely customizable and we work with you to create the perfect mood and setting. You don't have to get naked to get amazing shots, and we ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere so you can feel confident and relaxed. Book your session now and capture your beauty like never before.

boudoir portrait

Ready to stun the world? Classic Photography Makeup LLC is making a comeback with a twist! Get that classic touch of beauty that screams iconic.

In 30 years, what kind of photos do you want your family finding of you online? 
Don't you want your grandkids to go, "Wow! Grandma was hot!!"??? I know do.

Let's Do This
glamorous bridesmaid makeup

Dazzle from 'I do' to the dance floor with our full glam wedding makeup!

Don't let your wedding squad settle for basic. Our airbrush magic and lash game will make heads turn.
Get the glam they deserve! This airbrush makeup has serious stay-power. We won't let any tear, laugh, or dance move ruin your dreamy look. Let's make memories, drama-free! 


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